Alert for New Part Number Creation

Could anyone point me in the right direction for creating an alert when a new part number has been created. Would this be a Data Directive or Method Directive? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Either would work. DD’s are best for when you care only about the data, and MD’s are best for when you care about what caused the data change.

If you just care about a new part record being created (regardless of how), us a DD.

We setup several alerts for new records. All of them are setup as DD’s. It’s just letting you know that X was created. We don’t care about the action that caused the change. @ckrusen explains it well above.

Hi Chad, could you give me an example of your workflow. Are you using a condition? What is it? And/Or is it invoking a BO? I have tried several ways and nothing is working for me. Much appreciated.

This should be fairly easy…
in a Standard Directive:

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Look at the example from @timshuwy above. This is what all of ours look like for just alerting when something is added. There is a built-in condition for added records. Then just send email to whoever needs it.

Thanks so much. Tim’s must have come though as I was typing as I did not see it. Thanks for your time!

Thanks Tim, works perfectly. I was making this way too complicated. Thanks again!

Just note that you may want to have additional conditions… example, if you have someone that uses DMT to mass create 100 new parts, this BPM would send 100 separate emails, one for each part.

Personally, as a business consultant, I recommend avoiding sending email alerts. Instead, I suggest exception dashboards that interested people can “do their jobs” and look for new parts that were added.
Many times, I find the Email route is used as a hammer… “Well, you were notified!” type of statement. meanwhile, users are overloaded with emails, and they put filters on them…


This. Very much this.

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And if you’re looking for a paper trail, go with the Change Log.