Alert or Email when Invoice is Due

What’s the best way to create an alert or send an email when an invoice becomes due (request from our AR Dept).

Can I schedule a process that looks for invoices due today (or today-2 days for Mondays), and use that to trigger a BPM email?

We could create a dashboard, but I figured I’d check here first, since you guys have probably been there and done it!

We have similar reports for other items that aren’t AR invoices. I would create a BAQ report that pulls the list of invoices you would want to display according to your criteria. If you turn that into an SSRS BAQ Report, you can then schedule it to run and email to a predetermined set of users.

We went directly from Epicor 9 to 10.1.600, so I’m not sure if the functionality is the same in 10.0.700, but when you run a BAQ report, you can choose “Email Report” after setting the report Schedule and Epicor will automatically email out the report each time the schedule triggers. If you build the BAQ so it uses the current date whenever it runs, you wouldn’t have to add date options to the BAQ report and it would automatically use the date the report is run as its filter.

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@askulte As you are in 10.2.500, you should be able to write a BPM Function and schedule to run every day. If you need to send an invoice copy, then look at AR Invoice Print or as suggested by @tsmith you can go custom SSRS Report and schedule it.

Thanks Arul and Tyler! Both would work.

I updated my profile to show that we’re on 10.2.500.