All sites/site filter for Purchase Advisor

Hey everyone,

I have been using Kinetic for about a year now and I was just told that the Purchase Advisor used to display data from all plants/sites. Not sure if it changed after an upgrade but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a site filter or display data from all sites ? Our users are complaining that it is very tedious to constantly have to switch sites when they are trying to re-order.

We are working on upgrading from 10 to Kinetic and we’ve encountered the same situation. I’m trying to find info in the release notes or KB speaking on whether this is intended or a bug. I’ll be happy to hear if you find out anything and I’ll share my findings as well.

We are on 10.1.600 and do not see it displaying data for all sites, per below. I don’t recall it ever displaying for all sites, wish it did, but don’t think it ever has…