Allocating Scarce Parts Strategy

Ultimately, we want to figure out how to allocate subcomponents to jobs and maximize our delivery.

We’d like to see everything in our face at once, not drill down, job by job.

Our challenge is that most manufactured parts have manufactured components. These components are counted as ‘fulfillable’ in FWB for all jobs, but if you only have 1 component in stock, the other 3 jobs that need it won’t have it once the first job consumes it.

If you have a handful of late jobs that all need that manufactured part (and a variety of other parts), how do you decide which job to allocate it to, when that job, and others, are all waiting for other components too? We currently have a spreadsheet that our planner manually updates from the Multi-Resource Scheduling Board (she goes down the MSRB line by line, and adds new rows to the spreadsheet).

Then we look at the Fulfillment Workbench, enter the job number, and see what the job fulfillment percentage is, and identify the lines that are short. This is job by job, one at a time.

How do you guys handle this?

I seem to recall Wipaire had a neat customization they demod at Insights 2019 too…

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Sorry, no answer, just in the same boat and interested in ideas.

Reliance on a planner/manual intervention. Created some modified reports, dashboards etc… in an attempt to make the conflicts easier to see but…beyond that?

@askulte We are experiencing this same challenge now. Just wondering if you have found a solution or have any suggestions.

@jschoeph - Nothing new, unfortunately…