Allocation error

epicor version 9.05.701

scenario: A sales order is created and the product is manufactured.Then fulfillment workbench is used to allocate the stock to the order to ship it.

issue: no problems with the above until we try to change the ship by date on the order release (to make this date more realistic, from time to time its changed to help with planning etc)…we then get this error:


My questions are

  1. what is the easiest way to unallocate and then reallocate the stock to the order without having to use the whole fulfillment workbench again. For 1 occurrence its not too bad, but for 30 or 40 its frustrating and time consuming for the processor.

  2. would it be possible to turn this stop error off? its a system error not something a user has built through a bpm…if the answer is yes you can do it, how? and will this make the process run through to change the dates as normal?

Thank you in advance.