Allocation Template - Fulfillment Workbench

Does anyone know a way in which I can customize the pop-up screen in order allocation so that a template is pre-selected and the adhoc checkbox is not selected (or disabled based upon user)


customize the screen and use process calling maintenance to set it as default.

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I apologize. I’ve not be able to get the customization menu to appear on those popup screens before, it would seem I can do so now. My bad!

In the event that someone comes behind me. The child containers/controls in the popup screens (or at least the AdHoc allocation) do not pass thru the click events. I had to right click on the actual Form Control (lighter grey background) to get the menu. May be the same for all the forms, just perhaps this form has rather narrow real estate for the right click customization menu option


This is handy.

We have a few special warehouses that only certain people can get to and the above screen allows the user to select a warehouse if they do not pick an allocation template.

I believe that if I force someone to select a template (which you can default to a warehouse) it will solve my issue.

So many thanks.

A BPM would be better and if I can find one I will do that but this in and of itself gives me hope.