Allow blanks in uBAQ dropdownlist

I learned today how to use a dropdownlist as options for a uBAQ column using the Advanced Column Editor Configuration button.

When using a BAQ as the source for the dropdown list, I don’t see an option for allowing a blank value, in addition to what was returned by the BAQ.

So I tried creating a BAQ that returns a blank value, in addition to the populated values (using a UNION and the Calculated field Editor).

My BAQ for the dropdownlist is returning values as expected (one blank/empty field value, along with the expected values)

However, I get an error when trying to perform an update:
Could not get parameter values from BAQ ‘BAQ_NAME’, Field Calculated_field_name not found in the result dataset. I think the issue is that the uBAQ is looking for ‘field_name’ instead of ‘Calculated_field_name’, so maybe this is the wrong approach.


Is it possible to allow an empty string as an option in a uBAQ dropdownlist?


Is it an empty string, or null?

I’ve tried it now with both an empty string, and with a Null. I think the issue is with the name of the column that Epicor auto-generates. In this case, I can bypass the issue with a list of pre-defined values instead of using a BAQ to generate the dropdownlist values. Thank you.