Allow EpiCombo to add entries?

I have an EpiCombo that fills from UD Codes but the users only want those as suggestions for new records but want to allow entries not in the list. Is this doable?


If the codes were stored in a UD table, you could use a RetrieverCombo, and they could right click and use “Open With … -> UDxx Entry” to add a new code.

There’s a real danger with letting people add codes on the fly, because then you end up with differ codes meaning the same thing (US, USA, U.S.A., United States, etc …)

The RetrieverCombo does allow a for a manual entry, which updates the bound field, but nor the source table. Disable that with:
in the from load event.


I guess you could allow them to manually enter the code, and if its not in the existing list, show the existing codes starting with the new one’s first couple of character, with a message like:

You entered: 'United States'  Did you mean one of the following?
United Federation of Planets
United States of America
United Virgin Islands

That could even be a list in a BPM Form, which the could select from, and it would replace their manual entry.

I violated my own rule. Business case:

When quoting, we ask for “The Process”. In the quoting stage, the Process is generic. Once live, it contains more information, like color options, etc. When they add a new line, I copy the same UD fields from the Part to the Quote line and the process field does not display because it’s on the list. If it’s new, it’s not a problem. I could change the page to make process a textbox and only use the Combo to update the text box on new parts that don’t have a default. :man_shrugging:

Hmmm. A BAQ zone…

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I allows forget about those!

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I need to revisit those. I believe @Rich gave a class about them at the last insights. I was having a hard time grasping it… I remember it was so simple yet so complex in how you could apply what he was demonstrating… I am pretty sure it was him who gave the class.

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