Alternate Bill To Information coming through to Service Header

Good day

I would like the Alternate Bill to Information in the Customer Form to show on the Service Call Header.

Steps done so far:

  1. I had a look at the Header view in customisation mode and found that there is fields for this
  2. I created the fields on the form and binded them to headView.BTCustNum, billToView.Address1, billToView.BTPhoneNum and billToView.EAddress. The way I trigger by changing the Bill To dropdown on the Service Call Header form

The bill to customer information changes but the address, phone and email do not come through.

Problems encountered
So I figured out why the other information does not come through as this information is not sitting in the database. So I would like to bring that information sitting in the customer form under Alternate bill to on the change of the bill to information. I do know that I will need to create UD fields for this information to be stored in the table an I will do that.

Where I am stuck is firstly the best way to do it, BPM or customisation, the code for the BPM or customisation, how to trigger it when the Bill To is changed.

Please see the Alternate Bill TO attached

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

When the service call is invoiced, address in the alternate bill to will appear in the BillTo section in the Invoice Entry.

You have the Invoice Address checked, this will default the address on the invoice to the address on the alternate bill to.

Invoice Address
Indicates all invoices will be sent to this Bill To Customer.
If this check box is clear in Customer Maintenance, the invoice will be sent to the Bill To address defined on the customer record’s Bill To sheet.