Am I missing something? New Order Release when short shipping

I was under the understanding or misunderstaning, that there is an option/setting that will automatically generate a new order release when you short ship it, or have I been just staring at things for too long.

If there is I’d love to know.

If anyone can clear this one up I’d appreciate it.

No, it wont generate new release. It will remain as outstanding qty. You are too working too much on Container Landed Cost Entry itseems. :smiley:


That’s amazing…I really can’t remember where I saw it, and it sounds like I was confused.

Get some sleep Simon. :wink:

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I don’t think Simon’s crazy. I think somewhere in some version when you do something a release is automatically added to a PO or SO. What he asked about seemed familiar…

“somewhere in some version when you do something” = so vague it must be true.

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