AMM and Auto Receiving Sub-Assemblies

I am implementing the AMM module and I am trying to make use of the Auto Receive functionality as the build of a sub-assembly has been completed. It is a simple sub-assembly that consists out of two operations and a single material. I would like for the material to get back flushed as soon as Operation 10 completes and to get Auto Received as soon as Operation 20 is completed. We report Time and Quantity, and Resource Groups have been set up with In/Out warehouses, as Location and with Auto Move checked. The material is set for Backflush in Part Master and on the Method.

I can check off and set Operation 20 as the final operation, but Auto Receive is grayed out. If I flip the Labor Entry drop down to any of the other choices the Auto Receive check box becomes available again. I can check it off at that point and switch the Labor Entry drop down back to Time and Quantity, but as soon as I hit save I get the error that “Only operations on the top assembly may be flagged as Auto Receive”.

So Auto Receive only works on the top assembly… Our jobs are massive and consists out of sub-assemblies many levels deep. Has anyone had a need to Auto Receive on sub assemblies and found a work-around? We are trying to minimize the need for shop floor to clock and automate the traveler as much as possible.