Amusing Diversions

Hoo Boy! Hot Off the Progress list... Real Time Games ! Just the code
sample I've been looking for to jump-start my Progress learning :) Hmm,
now which Vantage menu does it belong under? (you need Progress 9.0 to run
it, btw)

-Wayne Cox

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Don't quite know why I put this thing together, just bored I guess.

If anyone is familiar with that silly little time wasting game "Snake". You
know where you drive a little snake around the board and each time it eats
some food it grows a little larger. Well, I have always found that thing a
little addicting. Hell, my cell phone even has it on it.

Anyway, I was curious if I could write this thing in Progress, so this is
what I came up with. Please D/L and critique at will. It is not perfect,
and the code hasn't been cleaned up very much. Please let me know what you
think about it.

It's just the Snake.w file. Written in v9 in about 6 hours. Quick question
for anyone that's familiar with the editor widget. Can you display any
characters outside of the normal ASCII set. I want to display those little
blocks, but I can't get that to work.

Mike Nibeck
Business Development, Kajax Engineering