"An indirect Labor Activity Already Exists" - Indirect Activity Error

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As of this week, one of our users has been getting a popup error stating “An Indirect Labor Activity Already Exists” when trying to Start Indirect Activity in MES. I’ve found an older thread (link below) about someone having this problem in Vantage and the solution was to get ahold of Epicor to get a fix program, but I wanted to check first if anyone else has had this problem and knows of a conversion program or something else that will correct this problem. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciate!

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Have you tried running either conversion program 8920 or 8930 if it will manually end that hung indirect labor activity?

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I had the same error popping up today,

To find the offending Activity: I assembled a BAQ with LaborHed and LaborDtl, I found an entry that on the LaborHed table the “ActiveTrans” field was set to “false” but on the LaborDtl it was set to “true”, this made is so the Indirect Labor Activity did not display in MES

I turned the BAQ into an updatable one and change the ActiveTrans to “true” and then it showed up in the MES screen