Anchor Fabrication Seeking Senior Estimator

We are looking for a Senior Estimator that has experience using
Vantage 6.0 or 8.0. Preferred experience level within in Vantage is
intermediate level. Specifically we would rely on this individual to
build tables/templates in excel and incorporate those spreadsheets
into Vantage so as to minimize input and time to derive quotes for

Ideally we would like to find someone with experience in the metal
fabrication industry having extensive knowledge of cutting, forming,
and welding metals. Duties would include reviewing incoming quote
requests from customers and estimating material, time, and labor to
complete the job based upon the cost structure of our organization.
Anchor has a well developed system for tracking costs and would not
rely heavily on this position to determine actual overhead rates,
however the individual would need to apply overhead rates to his/her
calculated times in order to arrive at a reasonable cost estimate for
a job/s.

Anchor is a growing company with extraordinary long-term potential.
Our management team is focused and has a well defined long-term
strategy. Our focus in 2007 is around improving operational
effectiveness of the business. Then in 2008 we intend to storm the
market with explosive sales growth. The platform created by
additional sales in 2008 will leave us poised to complete our first
expansion location in 2009. Whoever joins this company will have an
opportunity to catch a ride on a company that is beginning a very
strong growth curve.

Please send me your resume if interested.