Android App Epicor comunication without REST


Does anyone know if it’s possible to communicate to Epicor via another c# program on a server?
The way that I think this would work is:
An employee uses an Android app to send requests to the c# program on the server via wifi.
The c# program would then query or update Epicor using business objects.
The c# program would then send quired results or any other messages back to the user after executing the commands.

The reason I ask this is that we don’t have access to the REST API.


Well, C# and REST are not mutually exclusive… You cab use C# (or a plethora of many other languages/frameworks) to make REST calls. We have lots of C# programs that make REST calls.

Why do you not have access to the REST API?

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i believe that everyone has access to the REST APIs unless you are on a very old version. REST is used by the Epicor Screens. You just may not know how to access them.
Anyway… it would be very dangerous to access/update data on the server by going around the business processes.

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We are on version 10.0.700.4.