Any way to prevent a user from logging into a site while still having access to it?

We have a dashboard that displays a baq with data from a specific site. It seems that in order for people to be able to view that data they need access to that site. However we do not want the average user to have any ability to change/edit things in that site. Is there any method that gets called when a user switches sites so that we could prevent them from switching to it (Front end trace didn’t show anything)? Or maybe is there a way to run a BAQ in a dashboard under an integration user with permissions regardless of the individual user’s permissions so we can revoke site access for everyone? Thanks.

I feel your pain.

I will say that there are only three tables in all of Epicor that will torpedo what you are hoping to do:

  • PartPlant
  • PartRev
  • Warehse

If you can manage to build your BAQs either without those tables, or only left-joined to those tables, then your can avoid granting permission to all sites for all users. This works well enough generally.

Also a tip: Time Phase bypasses the restriction, I think.

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