Any way to reschedule section of a job?

Is there any way to reschedule just part of a job? We have some extremely large jobs right now, and there are some minor engineering changes that get made. To get the items to have a due date so that they show up for purchasing, you sometimes / usually have to reschedule the job. Is there a way to get this due date onto the part that don’t have a due date without having to reschedule the whole job? (the job takes about 5-10 minutes to schedule, so it really slows us down)

Would this be a case for a UBaq or dashboard to find and manually add the due dates? Has anyone done this?

You could reschedule in the scheduling board… That will allow you to
move around anything you need.

Andrew Fagan

I’ve messed around with them before a bit, once the jobs get large, every tiny move you do takes 3-5 minutes. I’ll look at it again though and see if it will do what I want.

I do this for JIT parts. On JobEntry.update you can set the JobMtl.ReqDate to the date you want. You can also do it with an updateable BAQ. Either should update PartDtl and the buyers workbench when PO Suggestions are run.

By this, you mean that you created a BPM with a BPM form to input the date?

I added a date to the job entry screen, but a bpm form could work also.

So just a simple customization where you added the date? Easier than I thought.

If your users are picking the date then you can just assign it to the JobMtl.ReqDate. I am doing 3 working days ahead of start, so I have to check ProdCal for holidays and check that the date did not hit the weekend.

So, I un-hid that column from the grid on the material list. It’s not grayed out, but I can’t change it from the the date that’s in there (it always goes to the operation date when I hit save). Which isn’t a huge deal, it’s the materials that have no due date that we have a problem with. Interestingly enough, if a material doesn’t have a required date, you can put anything in there and then hit save, and it will go to the operation date (what we wanted anyways). So that workaround makes it so we can quickly get a date on it so it shows up in purchase suggestions and we don’t have to reschedule the whole job.

Greg, Are your materials tied to an operation? I’m wondering if that’s why it lets you change the date.

One of these days I’ll probably report the bug to service that when you get details, the materials that come in have no due date. But for now, this workaround will work.

Thanks for the help Greg.

Sorry, forgot that part. Yes, I unset the related operation.

Do you use the Job scheduling board? I am trying to figure out how to move an operation start date after it has began that operation in the system. It will let me move the operation after it but not the operation it is on after it has been started. If a part runs late I cannot move it on the job scheduling board once it has began.