Any way to return the "BAQ Field Label" instead of the "BAQ Field Alias" through the REST API?


Does anyone know if there is a way to return the BAQ Label, instead of the BAQ Alias when running a BAQ through the REST API? It would be really handy to be able to choose the field names at the BAQ level instead of dealing with the alias names in my App!

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No, this was an enhancement that we all requested for V2 @bconner (did that make the cut?)

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:’( yep, an epicor $metadata extension for odata4 didn’t quite make the cut for .400.

More non-destructive changes will likely come to v2 in the future though - that was one of the more important reasons i wanted to get to odata v4 - different metadata extension setup that fit what we need to do.


I’ve been messing around with the V2 API when I remembered I asked this question. I still seem to get the Alias instead of the label. Is there something I can pass with the call to get the label?

Maybe there’s a REST call to query the table(s) that hold the BAQ definitions. Then you could get the column labels from that call.

If there isn’t, make a BAQ to query the target BAQ, then use a REST call to fetch that one.

I believe it’s the DynamicQuerySvc

This really needs to be done as a priority. Its a pain to sort all this out.