Any way to save grouping and summary on BAQ?

Hi All! Do any of you know of a way to save your BAQ with group by columns in place, and summaries on certain columns in place? I know I could do it in a dashboard. Just curious if I can save the BAQ with groupings and summaries.

@NateS - have you checked on advanced grouping?
I would recommend the grouping sets to start with.
An additional tip is in your subquery put in calculated field that will group help with filtering the results on a dashboard.
I have created a dashboard and pulled in the same query three times to review sales.

See the attached BAQ (version 2021)

InvoiceAnalysis.baq (31.3 KB)

I have not used that advanced grouping before. It looks… advanced!
In my case I think I just have to build a dashboard. I want the grouping to stay in place like this when I setup grouping in the BAQ analysis tab.

I’m going to have to look into the advanced grouping though! Thanks!

Try actions layouts - save layouts

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I tried Tools > Save Layouts. But it doesn’t save my grouping or summing in the BAQ. There is no actions layouts > save layouts.