Anyone else install .10 update yet?

I just finished installing the .10 Kinetic update on my test system.
It seems all the custom menu entries that I created are now all gone.
They may be hiding somewhere, but wanted to let someone know before they too lost customizations.
I opened a case with Epicor Tech Support.
(Also, I’m having problems opening Kinetic forms - seems they only want to open in classic)
I’ll follow up as I learn more.

I installed it yesterday morning with no issues.
I have noticed App Studio seems more buggy, though. Custom events will just stop working out of the blue. Can’t pin it down just yet.

We haven’t moved anything to Kinetic screens yet, but everything seems to be working for us.

Weird, the ‘classic’ custom menu items seem to all be here and working - mostly dashboards. The 2 ‘Kinetic’ menu items that I added are gone. Those are the ones that I immediately noticed as missing.
I’m going to reset my Hyper-Vs and try again.

For what it’s worth…I reverted back and re-applied .10.
This time it worked fine.

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