Anyone know how to generate sample data for a crystal BAQ report in Kinetic...? Asking for a friend

There is a need to stay on crystal for a short period…

Does anyone know how to generate sample data in BAQ report designer?

I don’t see an option anymore.

I mean I can see the data in the XML generated, but there’s a bunch of rubbish in the schema section before the start of the data… I don’t know why it’s there, but the crystal report doesn’t like it for some reason. When I remove that and just keep the data elements the report previews fine in Crystal Report designer…

System Monitor has the ability to download the crystal form and data. You have to run the report first.

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Thanks Patrick, I can get the data, but every time I try and create the report dataset it gives me an error about the XML structure. The XML is being created by Epicor, not me… So what’s going on?

Can you ‘Verify the Database’ in crystal?

It says it’s up to date. It’s when I go to load the XML in a new ADO(XML) connection that it says:

SAP Crystal Reports

Logon failed.
Details: System.Data : Column requires a valid DataType.


Patrick, if I remove the SysRowID from the schema section it loads jussssst fine…

Very peculiar.

In other words, if I remove SysRowID from the baq results the xml loads just fine.

For anyone looking at this, you generate sample data now by pressing Generate Only when processing the report. Then you get the XML from the reports folder within the EpicorData folder on your server.

Both Cloud and On-Prem users can download that file from the Server File Download app if you don’t have access to the server.


Thank you Mark, I have also been using this tool instead of opening up the Epicor Data folder to anyone and everyone in our on prem instance.

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