Anyone know why in Part Entry the Plastic Packaging moved to the top?

In Part Entry the Plastic Packaging card has been moved to the top? Its ridiculous!

When i go into App Studio, it isnt even there!

I would ask @timshuwy it may be a mistake.

@timshuwy can you help?

Looks like a custom layer? I don’t have that section in part entry. You should be able to move it around anyway - click the overflow dots and go to personalization. Then drag the sections to how you want them.


Unfortunately not. Move the unwanted section to the bottom, hit save and it all locks up!

Not seeing it in the Education Database either.

Its looks like it could be part of the UK CSF

Just returned from a 6 day vacation…
This is not a base code piece… but something that was added. either a CSF or another industry layer. Plastic Packaging is not in the base Kinetic code.
That said, we DO want to understand what is going on here. you SHOULD be able to move it successfully as a layer to a new place. Brian Conner (@bconner) and his team would be very interested in this.
SO… please place a service call to support to report this. Send me (via email to the case number, and I will forward to Brian.


Hi Tim,
I have emailed you the details, many thanks.


I could be off-base… but perhaps worth checking…

If you have multiple custom layers on your form, some things are dependent on the order you’ve applied the layers to the menu.

Moving it in layer “A” may not (visually) take effect if it is still at the top in layer “B” and layer “B” is applied after layer “A” in menu maintenance.

Creeping on your URL… it does appear you have multiple customized layers applied:


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Its the same on base as well.

Gotcha. Apologies for butting in with a bad suggestion.

Not a problem, i need all the help i can get at the moment :rofl:

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