Anyone successfully printing MICR checks from Kinetic?

We’re still in the implementation phase but trying to go live soon with one company. We started out with 3rd party hosting but have now switched to the Epicor Cloud.

We are currently working with Professional Services to try and get our checks to print but we just got the second set of test results back and the checks failed again, so I thought I’d reach out here.

The test results are saying that the MICR font is too light, too small, and the character spacing is incorrect.

Professional Services are saying to update the printer drivers or try a different printer.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

I’m assuming the document LOOKS correct right now, so my first thoughts are to

  • adjust the printer settings to make sure you are NOT printing in color (it sometimes will convert to more of a greyscale and mess with the black color)
  • up the resolution to 600dpi to see fi the toner will ‘fill in’ a bit better
  • change the image quality setting from raster to vector images processing - vector gives you a better line quality

All this depends on your printer driver of course, and I hope this helps.

I have the MICR Font size set to 20.

I have not had any rejected checks yet.


Are you using a MICR ruler? (Available on Amazon)

MICR Check Position Gauge

This here is my BBF makes checking the check format a breeze


LOL - Got mine about 25 years ago and it’s treated like the crown jewels!

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Wouldn’t that be a MIKR? MIKe’s Ruler. :thinking:


Nice one Sir. Nice one.

I used to get a lot of ‘Mic’ jokes back when I was a sound tech/roadie… and I didn’t see this one coming. I’m getting old.

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