Anyone use the (max) setting for UD fields?

I was wondering if the x(max) works correctly as a setting for a UD field. It takes it, but then when trying to use the field, it only lets you put in 6 characters. I can’t say I understand the setting fully, but from my cursory google searches it sounds like the (max) setting limits the field length to the longest entered field? Thus saving DB space?

Does this work correctly or should we just put numbers in like X(100) and call it good?

Within Epicor (MAX) doesn’t work. Just use X(1000)


Correct, x(1000) - or anything over 1000 - is considered max


Can you make it so when you put (max) into a new field it doesn’t let you save it? That way the user doesn’t have to delete up, regenerate the data model, then add it again, regenerate the data model again… It’s turning into a 20 min + long process. Lol

Yon can put a data directive on it :slight_smile:

I just might… lol

Someday we will convert over to vanilla dotnet formatting. There was a heck of a debate over that internally because we wanted to minimize the pain of E10 uplift wherever we could find a little win. Formatting was one area. I still have to groan over having to explain Progress syntax for formatting though to someone who bought E10 brand new - no 4gl ever seen. When I can ensure no uplift pain and we are bored delivering new features we will flip it. Until then…