Anyone using Certichex for printing AP Checks

We would like to start using Certichex to print AP checks with Epicor?

We are currently running Epicor Version 8


I have never used them, but the question that pops to mind is why? Seems like an expensive unnecessary thing… though maybe I am missing something obvious. #Curious

Mr. Jose: I am dealing with a Parent company that is using that software to print their AP checks and they would like to get all of their “children” to use the same system - to “save on the cost of checks”.

I know - I don’t get to pick the excuses - I just get to repeat them.


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haha no problem Dave, just curious more than anything if there was some secret sauce I was missing. I’ve always found those things to be overly expensive and provide little to no additional help. Makes sense that you need to use it though

Good luck

I would have thought companies would be trying to avoid printing checks altogether, and going with Direct Debit these days. There are probably particular business reasons I guess.