AP and change request . FYI

Here is a request I am submitting in case anyone is interested or can
suggest a solution.

Product: Vantage


Module: PR

Call Number:
Purpose: The problem is that you can not assign secondary pay types to an
employee's payroll account and therefore had to add them to each individual
employee check as it is entered.
In my case, I have an employee who works 40 hours regular time. On top of
that, he is tasked to clean the shop with specified directions. For this, he
is also paid an additional $x.00 per bi-weekly pay period.
I have to create the check for the hours at 40, and then select NEW
HOURS>fixed> and enter the value of $x.00 (new pay type defined and going to
a different GL account). I have to remember to do this every pay period.

In a larger company, I could have 5 or 10 people who are paid "additional"
monies...hitting DIFFERENT GL accounts and would have to remember to do this
for each employee (and know who they are). If I do it as labor expense cost
for a resource, it would come over at this rate for a number of hours (it
needs to be fixed) and this would require someone to check in as a different
resource to get this to come over to the paycheck by default.

I can extend this issue in the case of mass issuance of bonuses.
If I want to give everyone a 5-percent bonus one week, I can not simply mass
apply this.
In a situation where I have hundreds of employees, this can be

Suggested Enhancement: If we could attach a secondary pay type to an
employee record in addition to regular pay, it should solve the problem.

Current workarounds: (if any)

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I am getting the following error when trying to launch programs
within handheldMES.

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I placed a call to support about 8 days ago with no answer yet.
Anyone familiar with the error?