AP Automation References

I’m just wondering if anybody would mind talking to our team that’s evaluating AP Automation. I’m sure Epicor will give us some references, but I thought I would ask here if anybody would be willing to speak with a team of about 5 or 6 about the experiences you have had with

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Support

From Epicor and their Professional Services team.

Maybe @MikeGross?


Seems I do this once a month :slight_smile: Any chance your team will be in Vegas? Be happy to do it, and historically it’s been good to allow for 1-2 hrs depending on how deep you want to go. Seems like we burn though an hour pretty quickly and really haven’t gotten to any Q&A…

(I’ve not gotten much feedback (good or bad) so I’m assuming my previous demos have been of help to everyone)

PM with some date/time options and I’ll let you know!


I’m looking more for maybe a 30 minute discussion (max) about what people have experienced. We’re trying to find an automation that will work for us, and I figured asking here we might get some good advice.

We’ve seen demos, but only talked with sales people. The team needs to hear what to expect from the real world, not the sales world.

Sure thing, we can do that too :slight_smile: if you want.

Ok, good. I will see when they want to start talking to references and PM you.


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I want to give a shout out to @MikeGross. Thank you so much for meeting with us today. Your information and knowledge was a huge help for our team!

You sir are a legend! (I may stop by your office next week and drop off a gift card :smile: )


Happy to be of help!
(and bribes are always appreciated!)