AP BPM Question

Good morning,

I am not the best with writing BPMs (still learning) and my agency Controller is requesting one that I’m not sure how to go about making.

She would like the BPM to force AP Invoices to be in the same fiscal period (not necessarily full date) as the Invoice Group they are part of.

Would this be possible?

You are looking back date validation or future date?

For example if AP creates an Invoice Group with an apply date of 1/23/2018 but puts the apply date on the invoice itself as 12/31/2017 the GL activity will fall into January because the Group apply date is what the system goes by. However if you look at the Invoice it would still show the apply date as what they put at the invoice level even though that isn’t exactly true.

What the Controller would like to happen is that if the Apply Date in the Invoice Group is 1/23/2018 then the Apply Date at the Invoice level would need to be something in January 2018 as well.

which version currently running in your system?


I am curious how you have your company settings setup for Invoice Date.

Is it equal to the ship date?

Are you wanting the invoice date to not equal the ship date and then invoice creation date would be the invoice date.

This may help your apply date to match up better with the Invoice Date?

Something to look at…

Brad Boes

I have bpm for this but my current version is higher then you have. let me see how i can send you.

Here is a screen shot of the Invoice Settings as well as some of the actual Invoice in question.

When the Group was created the apply date for it was entered as 1/3/18.
The apply date on the Invoice itself was set for for 12/29/2017.

The GL transactions hit on 1/3/18 based on the Group apply date, but when you view the Tracker you just see the Invoice level apply date which doesn’t appear to do anything in this situation.


Hi Joshua,

Unable to get you version 10.1.500.8 access and downgrade my bpm not possible. if you can connect your screen with me I can show you how to implement(bpm little bit advance).

Surendra Pal

Thank you for trying! I think I found a workaround for this to prevent any further AP incidents. Instead of worrying about a BPM I decided to try field level security and changing the Invoice level Apply Date to Read Only. The apply date defaults automatically to the Group’s apply date so I think that should solve the problem.

The Apply Date on the Group is a default that is applied to newly created lines.

The Apply Date on the actual Invoice Document is the one that is actually used.