AP Clearing account not tying to Received Not Invoiced


I’ve read through many other strings on this issue, but with no success. We are unable to tie our AP Clearning GL account to the Received not Invoiced report. There is a credit balance on the GL that is greater than the report. I have gone through all of the “recommended” steps to reconcile the account. I am concerned this is a GL control issue, processing invoices with a variance or a part on the fly issue.

Can someone please review our AP and Inv/WIP GL Controls? Did we miss anything with our consultant?

We have had some items that were received and invoiced at a different cost. Since we close out each month, any of these that were received in a previous month, we process at a variance. Based on our GL controls, I had thought this variance would run through our variance account, but it does not seem to be. That could be part of the issue.

How can I easily see if AP Clearing was entered on a misc. invoice (not a receipt)?

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You can run the Inv/WIP recon report, for a specific GL account (and an option to show the offsetting acct too). Start with that.

Calvin - Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, the Inventory/WIP is erroring out for me. Any idea why? Error message below. This happens when I have “include offsetting accounts” checked and unchecked.

click the 3rd row in that grid, and the full error will be displayed.

But even before that, it looks like there is an issue with one of the Tran Types in the posting engine. I had issues with it a long time ago, but they’re too fuzzy for me to recall. If I recall anything I’ll reply back here.

Here is the full error: