AP Invoice Entry Line Misc Charge chasing a bug

I am coming across an issue in AP Invoice Entry when adding Line Misc Charges. We are on 10.2.600.9.

If you are on any higher versions could you please test for me to verify if you see the same issue or not.

when creating an AP invoice referencing a PO line/release I am not able to get the G/L Analysis to show in Epicor for the added line misc charge.

However if I add a line to the invoice and don’t reference the PO line/release everything works as expected using the same misc. charge.


Hi, in first scenario, did misc charges GL Account correctly shown in the Post Edit list report?

Yes in the first scenario GL accts was showing correctly on the edit list.

I am hoping someone on a new version than me can test this and let me know result. I don’t have a newer version of ERP/Kinetic 2021 installed right now.

Could you confirm one thing, did you added the GL Control to Misc. charge after PO creation… if that so, then try adding new PO for same Misc. charge and try again.