AP Invoice Load Maintenance Delete all Records - Help Needed

When doing Invoice Loads the lines did not tie correctly. Our finance guy now has do delete over 500 lies from his latest load attempt. Is there a way to delete all the rows simultaneously instead of having to delete them line by line?

I don’t know if it’s available in DMT, but what does work on most every grid is to select the last line in the grid and press and hold ctrl+delete. Once you’ve answered don’t ask me again they should continue to delete as long as you are holding down ctrl+delete. It’s annoying, but it works…

FWIW - Carson’s trick requires you start at the bottom of the grid (as he said) and delete the lines “newest to oldest”. Doing that sets the last line on the grid in focus. If you start at the Top, and try to go down, you need to manually select the next line into focus so the CTRL+DEL will delete it.

Try deleting through DMT.