AP Invoice Uninvoiced Receipt Lines Grid Passed Qty/Failed Qty Field Source

Wondering if anyone can verify the source of the Passed Qty/Failed Qty fields on the AP Iinvoice Uninvoiced Receipts Lines Grid when selecting “New Receipt Line”. The Field help indicates these come from RcvDtl table. However we are seeing 0 in these fields when we have a Misc Receipt line where PO number = 0 when the RcvDtl table shows the actual value passed during inspection.

I am suspecting this is because the PO number = 0 as for Receipt Lines with a valid PO number these fields are populated as expected. Our AP references the Passed Qty field to verify the inspection has been completed so this is confusing to them.

@dgross The only location that I know of where you would have a Pass / Fail quantity would be within the DMR process.
If inspection finds issues with the receipt, the quantity of the receipt would be put into DMR for disposition. DMR only has 2 outcomes, Pass or Fail. You can either Pass the full quantity of what was placed into DMR or you can Pass a partial quantity and Fail the remainder. Either way, DMR has to have an outcome for the entire quantity placed into DMR.