AP Payment posting performance

About a month ago we started having issues with performance posting AP Payment groups… it seems to be only payment groups that are using an electronic interface. Posting usually takes less than a minute but now some groups are taking 30-40 minutes.

When this issue started there were no Epicor or Microsoft updates installed around that time and there were no network changes done either. No changes were made to the AP Payment process and group sizes are typical of groups prior to this issue starting.

Has anyone else ran into something like this?

Two things could cause this. If it really is just the actual Posting Process, then I would look at your posting rules. However, if the EI is custom, that could also be a culprit.

We don’t have much for custom Posting Rules other than setting the site, chart, and department but we do have a custom EI for Wells Fargo payments to correctly populate the export file. The EI seems like the more likely culprit since the issue seems to be only effecting the electronic payments. I will reach out to Epicor CSG on this as support wasn’t much help. We did upgrade about 3 months from 10.1.600 to 10.2.600 so it could be something with the uplift… although we run for 2 months without an issue so I don’t know.