APM and Domain Migration

We just finished migrating our server domain from ISPDC over to ELKAY as well as our exchange emails.
I got everything working afterwords on the Epicor side except APM.
When I try sending a PO to the APM printer, it receives it, but the type comes through as TEXT when it used to come through as EMF. These are Crystal Reports, so I cannot select EMF from the drop down like you can with SSRS.
Even so, I tried the SSRS report and selected EMF and it still came to APM as TEXT.
The printer is still configured with HP LaserJet 5 driver and the print processor is set to NT EMF 1.008.
Any ideas what’s going on?

I had that problem with a while, and solving it was a case of removing the mapped printer from the client and re-adding it. Not sure what caused it to fix itself longer term, but luckily it hasn’t been an issue for a while now.


That looks like that was the issue.


Would you share the step you took to move your server to a different domain? We are starting down the same path.

As far as the actual migration, I had very little involvement.
I was tasked with making sure Epicor still functioned once migrated.
That involved noting everywhere our service account was used, so that it could be changed from ispdc\account to elkay\account. I spent a good two weeks digging for everywhere this is. Services, app pools, service connect, database security, user accounts in Epicor (we use SSO), bartender, APM, etc.
I also had to go through all of my email notification BPMs and change @isiamerica.com to @elkay.com.

Thank you