While trying to find documentation for Advanced Print Routing (APR), I came across what appears to be literature for a new product - Enhanced Print Routing (EHR).

So what’s the major differences between Advanced Print Management (APM), APR and EHR?

I assume they are all add on modules (I.E. $$$) - as we had to purchase APR.

EPR refers to integration with “DocStar” Would that be and additional program to purchase?

Or is EPR really just APR + DocStar?

Your CAM should be able to tell you all the differences :wink:

My CAM is who told me that APR would do what we needed. :frowning:

I don’t like looking like a fool for pushing to purchase an enhancement, only to then tell the boss it won’t do what they want.

What is it that you need to do? A lot of these tools do the same thing (differently) They should have a spec sheet / data for each.

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