App Studio Condition Block - Issues adding the true/false action

Hey all,

In an updatable dashboard I’m having trouble adding the component to the true/false branch of a condition block.

Here’s the before shot:

After adding the condition block:

I click the True button:

Click on an appropriate action (it doesn’t seem to matter which):

But I don’t get the action showing up. The “+” shows in the True button again, but nothing happens when I click it, until I delete the condition block and try again.

I think the expression is correct:

‘{xxx_ArcShopLineup_0_0.Calculated_IssueScrap}’ === true

I’ve substituted an expression that I’m pretty sure should be good, to no effect:

‘{xxx_ArcShopLineup_0_0.UD04_Key1}’ === ‘111’

Did I miss the secret handshake?