App Studio - System Locked Event

Hey! I am having an issue with a system event in application studio. The event is marked as “locked”, but it has been overriden. Is there a way to revert it back to its original state without creating a new layer? I have been working on that layer for hours and the picking process is now broken …

Fulfillment Workbench - App Studio Base Event

When closing the event, I pressed “Yes” without paying attention. I had not changed anything as it is a locked event.

After save, Epicor has removed a huge part of the base event :

I found a solution. In case it happens to one of you, here’s how:

  1. Rerun the MetaUIConversion task in the Conversion Workbench.
  2. Once the task is completed (if error try to run it again), open your layer in app studio.
  3. Warnings may be displayed. Click on each event that has a warning event.
  4. The system events will display “Modified” instead of “Locked”. You can revert it back by clicking on the revert arrow icon in the right panel (see image below).

Our version is 2022.1.7. I hope it will be resolved in a future release as it seems to happen frequently.