Append Details, add /delete

I have a request to customize the Append Details to allow the ability to Add or Delete a part and/or modify qty. I understand that this is not the intended functionality of Append Details. I would welcome any guidance, suggestions or recommendation on a potential solution or alternative.

Could you be more specific (maybe a screenshot)?

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They want to be have the ability within the Append Details window to add new part not in list or remove part not required on job as well as see and change qty. In other words compare what is already on a job vs what the new revision is calling for.


Theoretically, it may be possible to inject a new material into the material list. It would really depend on if this screen only serves as a front end but the back end still pulls from the BOM.

Why even use that screen at all? Just add the material you want in the job.

Yes I agree! but they want to be able to compare the BOMs from one version to another leveraging something like the Append details in order to add or remove to populate the job

You’ll be better off making a separate dashboard for that. What you want it quite a ways off from what was intended in that screen, and that screen already has enough problems on it’s own without trying to hack it. You would end up having to put as much or more code to make the append details screen work the way you want it then to code the functionality you want into a dashboard.