Application Error

We have upgraded to 10.2.500 from 10.1.600 and we are in the process of running thru all of our customizations. We are getting this error on a form and I have never seen it before. Does anyone have any idea of where to start on this issue?

Hi Shannon,
I see this from time to time on my end when I try to call a function/method that has yet been declared or I declared at the bottom of my call. I’m not sure if this relates with your issue.

Do you get that when launching in Developer mode?

Are you binding that to a custom EpiDataView? If so, make sure the edv creation\registration happens in Initialization

Yes, and the weird thing it has been working just fine before we upgraded from 10.1.600. It is only since the upgrade.

Do you get that when launching the base form (uncustomized)?

I found several instances of changes between the tables and datatypes when we went from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300.

We had a UD field on GLJrnHed, and after the update needed to add the UD column (exact match) to GLJrnDtlMnl_UD and RvJrnTrDtl_UD

and several fileds that were date fields, got changed to DateTime. PArticularly in the Invoice tables. I had reports that used a date match, which wokred when ever date was assumed to have the time 12:00:00. But not when one date is 1/1/2020 12:34:56.78, and another record has the “date” of 1/1/2020 12:34:56.98

I’ve found usually one of two situations occur with this with a very slim 3rd

  1. Poor coding practice can lead to new issues as the Ice tools change
  2. Epicor object type in that screen changed that is now causing an object reference issue
  3. (The very slim chance) The customization was corrupted and importing it manually fixes it

Open in Visual Studio and let the debugger tell you which line is causing the the issue and go from there.

Well your #1 cuts like a knife for the developer that wrote the code. I am working on taking it apart piece by piece to see if I can find the issue.

Well there are two sides of it right. There is coding c# and then there is coding for Epicor. They are very different in the sense that you are trying to interweave with Epicor’s framework. So not necessarily a knock but you could be the best C# developer in the world, recognize all the weird stuff that Epicor does and do it your own way, you’re still gonna have a bad time.

In Customization Maintenance and then Selected Issue Helper there was a field which was orphaned and its property was showing Mask Output. I deleted that field and the form stopped throwing the error.

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