Application Studio - Bigger Shapes?

Howdy! So I’ve added a shape that shows/hides based on if the supplier is in a group called CTQ. It’s a visual indicator for Purchasing when they are working with the supplier records.

It works fine and shows/hides as I want it to but it’s… just kinda lame. Is there any way to make it bigger? Or does anyone have any other suggestions that would make it more visible?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Application Studio!
Seriously though, I think you should feel lucky that you are able to make any custom shape or color in Kinetic. In my experience kinetic has locked up the visual side pretty tight.

The only other thing to make this more visible is to force a popup that the user has to accept. This won’t force them to read the message, but it could be a little better than just a shape.
Good luck! Curious what your final solution will be.

Where do you even start to do custom shapes? Do you use an event in the On Create for the shape? Is there a guide to do this?

Tried changing/setting the shape width property? Otherwise, you could always just add some prefix and suffix characters. For example: ‘!_______ Critical to Quality _______!’ to make it stand out more.

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Logan - I use a data rule for this. When you add a shape, you can give it your own Ep Binding (in this case, I called it Vendor.CTQShape). Then I created a data rule that says to hide that shape unless the Supplier has the group code ‘CTQ’.

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Thanks for the help! I was messing around with data rules originally but was trying to set the bool to true to turn the shape ‘on’. I used the setting style and that did it.

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