Applying Different Task Code based on Part for Specific Set of Customers

We received a request from a group of customers (totaling 300 individual Customer ID’s) to have a Part related Task Code appear on the invoice.

The Task Codes are broken down into types of equipment (i.e. Line Extender = TaskCode1, Housing = TaskCode2, etc.). Within each equipment type, there could be as many as 1,000 individual Part Numbers.

I am struggling to find a way to implement this. I would like to do this by Part Description, but the description doesn’t always contain the same identifying words as the equipment type so I can’t use that to place the needed Task Code in a UD field or comment field. I can’t use the Customer Part Number table because the Customer Part Number field has to be unique and can’t be repeated for the same Customer ID.

The only process I can come up with to flag each customer record with a checkbox that says something like ‘Task Codes Apply’. Then use a UD field on each part to store the task code (all of our parts have already been matched to a task code). Then have a BPM at Order Entry that looks for the customer account to be flagged for task codes; if true, find the task code based on the part entered in Order Entry and place it in the Invoice Comments so it carries to the invoice.

Has anyone ever needed to implement something like this? Does the above sound like a solid solution (assuming I’ve given enough info for this to make sense)?

That’s really the simple path with the least data maintenance.

I had a couple other ideas, but as I types them out, they were worse. I think you’ve found a good approach.

Andrew Fagan

What about product groups? Are you currently using them? You could use the customer flag as defined and have the task code as a UD field on the product group. Then when printing the customer documents, it would be easy to add the product
group (and code) to the document.

Charlie Smith

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Yes we use Product Groups. We have a Product Group called Line Repair and then the Line Extender and Housing examples I gave earlier all fall in the Line Repair Product Group. I wanted to use a combination of Product Group and Price for this (the customer is getting flat rate pricing) so every Line Extender we repair for this customer group gets charged $90 for example), but there is duplication for the pricing within a Product Group, so I couldn’t make that work.

Hi Travis,

We have something a little similar. On our parts we have note codes and these get printed on our Purchase Orders. So we use Part UD fields and store an ID for a note code. When part goes on PO it defaults to get the note code text. It would be easy to have a boolean on vendor to say print it or not, though we do not have need for this. However, that would be similar to your situation.

That said, I think your plan for the customer record boolean plus Part UD sounds good. I would avoid the use of part description… it just seems too prone to someone mucking with it. You might want to consider using a system identifier for the codes in the UD on the part and then a code list with code id and description.