Applying menu item Customization

So this is new. They changed how to apply the customization and if you don’t specify all companies you need to Copy to current in Menu Maintenance. Well now a new issue has popped up. When I do this and try to save I get and error message Duplicate Order sequence. This was NOT an issue about 1 to 2 revisions ago.

I’ve never been able to reuse a sequence number in Menu maintenance. Certainly back to 10.0.700.

Mark W.

I understand that but I have was never prompted to change this in previous versions at least that I remember.

So you are saying that changing the seq num is the “new” normal when applying a customization?

I guess I’m saying it’s the only normal that I’ve ever known. I’ve seen that message many, many times over the last three years.

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I guess I have been so busy I just don’t remember it coming up before.

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I hear ya!