Applying multiples to part-vendor records


Is there a way to apply a multiple to a part-vendor record so that the multiple is dependent on which supplier you are procuring from?

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Perhaps you could use a UD field to store the multiple, then use BPMs to adjust the quantities in the respective areas based upon the multiple?

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Are you using the Supplier Price List? There are some fields in there that might be helpful.


@LeeB95 The only multiples in the system are at the PartPlant level. MfgLotMultiple is used on Jobs and PO suggestions. UrgentMultQty is tied to the urgent vendor, but urgent planning is odd.

As @cfinley suggests you could round up the suggestion to a supplier multiple in POSugg.GetRowsPlant.

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This looks ideal for inserting an MOQ, but I am not sure it will necessarily work for multiples/pack quantities unless I am misinterpreting the field?

For example if we can only buy a pack of resistors in bags of 50’s, then I would want our MRP to suggest we buy 100-off if we had demand for 75 for example.

You can set up units of measure for the various pack sizes, and assign that UOM to the Part Master’s Purchasing UOM and any Supplier Price List records. PO Suggestions will use the purchasing UOM, even if your inventory UOM is ‘EA’.

Part Master

Supplier Price List

UOM Conversion

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Thank you, this solves the query.

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