AppServer Deployment Directory

We’re planning on upgrading Epicor from 10.1.500 to 10.2.500. I would really like to be able to test the upgrade process in our Test environment. However, the way Epicor is setup here both Live & Test appservers have the same Deployment Directory.

I would assume that means I can’t upgrade just the Test environment by itself?

Do I need to Install epicor again on this server to a different directory? What does the process for this look like?

Are you referring to the Client software on the users machines?

If so, you can specify the directory when doing the client install. I have about 7 different Client Installs on my workstation.

No, referring to the Appserver config, both live & test use the same deployment directory:

That value kind of defaults to your version. I’d change it for the Test environment, especially if your test envioronment can be a different version number (even just a .xx patch difference).

Do I just copy the contents of the current deployment to another folder for the Test server?

Our consultants helped us with this but it’s possible to have multiple versions each with its own deployment folder.

Once they are separate you can have each slot on its own version or all on the same. We upgraded and had a test slot on the newer version while our live version was left alone.

It’s possible but I’m not too sure on the details other than to say yes it’s possible to do what you’re asking. I’m sorry I can’t be much more helpful than that though.

I’ve always used seperate physical servers to minimize problems but I’m pretty sure you can have multiple server versions installed on the same machine. You would just need to install the 10.2.500 server and then choose the deployment directory created from that version when setting up the new application server/pool (ie, C:\epicor\ERP\ERP10.2.500.0). I would name the application server TEST102500 or something new rather than trying to use the current install. You will also need to choose a different folder to install onto the client PCs.

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