AppStudio refresh dataview events

Hi all,

If I add a new dataview in App Studio, how do I create one of these next event refreshes that usually get created natively? How does one get the component ID of a new dataview? Do I have to bind the view to a new panel grid and refresh it in dev tools?

Hello Sir…Did you get anywhere on this ?

I think I’m having a related issue, my created refresh event for a dashboard is not working (works in my test environment but not production).

My suspicion is that the component Id is incorrect, but I haven’t seen where to find the id’s


Hey Scott,

I did not. The conversion I was working on here was based off a cross-company uBAQ in Classic, which is evidently an “unsupported scenario” in Kinetic so I gave up on re-creating the functionality.

I would still very much love to know how to get the correct component ID though if you should find an answer.