APR - Formatting Emails


I’m trying to format the emails sent out using advance print routing.

I have it set up like this…

But for some reason the email is sent out all in one line, like this.

I have tried adding html tags using UD fields, but that does not seem to work. Is there anything I can do to fix the email format?


Did you copy and paste the text or type it in? I normally type directly in the editor and do not have the issue you are running into.

If you have 10.2.500, HTML formatting is an option.

HTML works even before 10.2.5, we are using it in 10.2.4

Thanks for the prompt reply. I typed that information in.

We are using 10.2.300, maybe that’s the issue.

Using APR in 10.2.300.36 and emails format as in the APR screen without any HTML code.

HTML support was added in 10.2.500. We are on 10.2.400 so we don’t have HTML emails but I was able to add line breaks by just adding space in the message. What version are you on? Might be a bug in that version.