April Fools 2021

Here’s my April Fools prank for 2021.
What do you guys think? Any suggestions for improvement?
It’s self-inflicted this year; I’m preying on people’s known curiosity.
It also removes the delete and save buttons for the duration of the white out to prevent users from accidently messing up their data in panic. :slight_smile:

*** This doesn’t delete or clear their data. It just turns all of the text transparent!


I’ve thought about changing our language to Pig Latin for 4/1/2021 :pig_nose:


That would be great!
I don’t think I can do that for one of mine, however.
My boss said it’s all fine as long as it doesn’t impede a user’s ability to work.
Trying to read Pig Latin would definitely slow folks down!

The best way to get people to press a button, is to label it “DON’T PRESS”.

You know it! I know I’d definitely press it. :rofl:


If it’s just the labels on the forms, who reads them anyway? You could swap to fields and their labels, and people would still just enter the data that goes into the “field at that location”.

Do your “4.1 enhancements” go through the standard deployment processes, including User Acceptance Testing?


UAT is done by my colleague and a few select managers, so they know it’s coming.

Incidentally, I DO have to run this through change control before I deploy to production. :sweat_smile:

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