AR Check bounced -- how to get invoice back on aged receivable

The way we handle NSF checks is to do a miscellaneous invoice, with a
miscellaneous charge to A/R Clearing. I enter "NSF Check" in the
header in the PO field so is shows up on the statements.

Then I do a bank adjustment transaction also to A/R Clearing.

This way, when the payment comes in to cover the check, it can be
applied through cash receipt entry and I can clear the reduction in
cash through the bank reconciliation program.

Since it is a miscellaneous charge, I don't think it appears in YTD

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Carol Silvey
Wisdom Industries, Ltd.
I have a situation where an AR invoice has been paid (and the invoice
closed) with a check that has "bounced". How can I perform ALL of the
following clean-up:

1) Re-open the invoice and remove the "payment" so the invoice reappears as
an aged receivable.
2) Reverse the GL entries
3) Make sure the customer's YTD sales, payment amount, and payment dates are
correct (after removing the "bounced" check) in the Invoice Aging screen.

Dale Puls
Pacesetter Electronics