AR Credit Memo issues (BAQ, AR Invoice Balance report, Multi-Company related) - E10

Hello all,

I’m new to the site and this is my first post so please bear with me. My company has just implemented Epicor 10 at the beginning of this year. We have had a few issues resulting from AR credit memos so far.

First, the credit memos appear to incorrectly change the balance in the AR Invoice Balance report with the way we are processing them (we apply them to cash receipts). They reduce the balance when they are first created and then reduce the balance again when they’re applied to cash receipts.

In BAQ, this makes the total InvoiceBal from the InvcHead table exactly (2 * total credit memos applied to cash receipts) greater than the balance on the AR Invoice Balance report. The 2 * is from 1) total of applied credit memos being cleared from InvoiceBal in BAQ and 2) from the AR Invoice Balance report being reduced by the applied credit memos after already being reduced when the credit memos were initially created.

I’ve had to create a calculated field balance in my BAQ to get the correct AR Balance because of this. This calculated field is only a temporary solution because it adds back the negative balance from applied credit memos to the InvoiceBal field. This will make the query continuously grow as it never clears applied credit memos.

We also have a multi-company setup and we have some customers that pay both companies in one payment. Sometimes these customers use credit memos from one company to reduce their balance to another company. However, negative balances are not allowed in Cash Receipts Entry.

All in all, I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these issues and can give me additional insight. Is there something we’re doing wrong that’s causing these problems or are we misunderstanding something? Has anybody gone through similar issues and care to share a work around that they came up with?

Thanks to anyone that can help, hope this post isn’t just a jumbled mess of words that no one understands!