AR Credit Memos for Service Work

Version 8.03.403d.

We have a situation that arises now and then where we have to perform
some sort of rework on a sold unit and have to credit the customer.
This is not an RMA but simply a credit memo. Our controller wants the
credit memo to reference the original invoice/sales order. The
referencing is where the issue is arising. When the invoice reference
is entered, Vantage appears to be expecting some sort of RMA because it
demands a line number from the sales order. When that line number is
entered any discount associated with that sales order line is brought
into the credit memo automatically. In our case, this could be 20 or 30
thousand dollars and there does not seem to be a way to get rid of it
either. This creates havoc for the data entry person especially since
the discount field does not allow editing. If the invoice reference is
removed the problem goes away but then we lose the link between the
credit memo and the invoice.

How are others handling credit memos that need to reference original
invoices? Is there something we are missing in the procedure? I have
not contacted support as of yet but maybe that is where I should have

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Carden
Manager, MIS
Manitex, Inc.
Phone: 512-942-3086
Fax: 512-942-3089

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